This is me in writing


Thanks for taking the time to come have a look at what I have to say. I’ll admit I have put this off for quite some time because I felt it was kind of a wanky thing to do and even having the blog solely in my name makes me wonder what the heck I am doing, but the blog is me. It is my thoughts, my opinions, my insights, my beliefs, it is my way of sharing with you without being limited by an amount of characters I can use on my social media.

I am passionate about a lot of things and I will probably write about all of them at some point, I only ask that you respect the fact that everything I share is based on my own experiences.

I will talk about Suicide and Depression because I have suffered depression, I have survived a suicide attempt, I have watched my dad suffer depression and I have lost more than one family member to suicide.

I will talk about fitness and nutrition because I am qualified to do so. I’ve run my own business I’ve worked with hundreds of different people, of all ages and backgrounds and as a result I’ve learned quite a few things that I consider to be worth sharing with people to help them to improve their health and in turn their lives.

I will speak about personal development and self education because it changed my life. I was not a fan of high school and particularly english classes. I despised being given books to read and write reports about, but I’ve learned that it’s ok to not feel passionate about reading when you don’t feel the book or the material is any help to you, I mean seriously how much longer is To Kill A Mockingbird going to be the staple book in our schools? I’ve learned that if I am passionate about something or if I see and feel tangible value in what I’m learning then I will read as many books as it takes. This is becoming a rant so I’ll cut short and share my feelings with you in a future post.

I will talk about Network Marketing and residual income, because if you don’t know about it… You should! Remember this blog is all about my opinions and experiences. So prepare to read in the future about network markteting, because if it does for you only 10% of what it’s done for me then I will be proud to have sparked your interest.

I will be 100% honest and transparent with you, I just ask that you do the same with me. If you have a question about anything I write or if you feel like commenting then please do so.

I look forward to learning with you.



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